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G&G ORGANICS  is a Bolivian company, dedicated to organic production, reaching the best quality standards of our products and commercializing them in European and Asian markets.



Families work with us


Intercultural Comunities


Intercultural Comunities

Our impact zones

We mainly work in the area of the Bolivian Chiquitania, which belongs to a large part of the Amazon forest
An agroecological community

We work and particularly support intercultural communities, at this moment we are working with more than 700 families, providing technical assistance in the field and supplies throughout the production cycle.

An agrochemicals-free enviroment

We mainly work in the area of ​​the Bolivian Chiquitania, which belongs a large part to the Amazon forest. Our productive areas are located in the buffer areas of the Amazon forest, these areas have been designated by the government for intercultural communities, where they are dedicated to the collection of wild fruits and organic and agroecological agricultural cultivation.

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